Why you will never be perfect?

I’m sure you have been in this situation before.

Do you often get sucked up in defining your life by social media’s standards? 

Scroll through Instagram, Facebook,etc and for some moment wished you had the life some people are living. 

I often feel that.

Social media in fact gives us the fantasy version of the reality.

It might be good or bad. Or sometimes it might be both.

How often do you compare your life with the perfectness of other’s life? 

This is when you stop yourself to seeing the reality behind the edited picture and the happy faces.   

Understand where your definition of ‘the perfect’ is coming from.

Whenever I scroll through the social media, the only thought I hear is ‘If only’, If only I had that perfect life, I’d have a different life.  

While this is a ridiculous thought as I know I’m only seeking a puny and curated section of their lives. We often see less struggle and non of the fall outs. 

It’s crazy if we think when we want to become the perfect version of that other person —the version that the person isn’t even capable of being. 

Also, when we know that their life is not perfect but we feel like we need to hold on that illusion of them being perfect. So if we don’t do then we could lose our journey to ever be perfect like them. This is when we end up going after that ‘perfectness’ that never exists.

The world we see in the internet

Majority of the  things we see in the internet is not even the portrayal of people’s life. It’s a fraction amount of moments shot in a particular period. So, comparing our life with theirs is just not valid. 

Often our assumptions play a big role in defining the perfectness in others. We fill those assumptions with having ducks in a row and colorful rainbows . Which in fact might be half-true. 

The point here is not say to stop getting inspired by the people on the internet. It is powerful way if you could use in a good way. 

My point is to remind myself that even those perfect people are not perfect. 

Some might find my life perfect but I feel my life isn’t (It shouldn’t be as well because I think perfectionism shouldn’t be the goal because it never exists.  Learning is a lifetime journey). 

Shift your mindset about ‘The perfect’

Remember that somebody being perfect on your eyes doesn’t demean your value. In fact they might have their own insecurities running which we cannot see through their pictures.

Have you heard about , “Being authentic self” ? Being authentic means ‘being you’. The ‘you’ has mixture of both goodness and flaws. That makes the real human. Remembering that the other human beings are equipped with same authenticity beside their ‘perfect’ showcase. This sets you in a different mindset.

Hope this was interesting to read.

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