Why you are not being able to figure out what you want?

If we were asked- what we don’t want ? Chances are we can come up with a list of things that  we don’t want. 

However, If we were asked – What we actually want? We sort of get hesitant to say the exact thing. 

It’s strange how we keep up with the needless numbers of things we don’t like and least number of things we actually want. 

In this blog I’ve writen about personal development, habits, productivity and on this particular topic –  How to figure out what to do with your life? Along with that, chances are after knowing all sorts of things, you still feel that you are not being able to figure out what you ‘actually want’.Why is that? Let’s find it.

Denying your truth

Although you are struggling to figure out what you want , if might be that  you know what you want. You just don’t want to enter in this decision because of the discomfort. You’re just stopping yourself to go for it. You like to keep yourself into confusion.

Knowing what you want

To know what you actually want in your life, it would be great if you know what you want specifically like with your career, relationships, fitness,etc. Even if you do not figure out what you want to do with your life. It’s normal to feel that way. It means you are growing.

Generating habits

For general inclusion of habits you want to incorporate, you can use a simple technique called – Start, stop and continue. What you do is you start doing things you like. You stop doing the things you don’t like. And you continue doing what is currently serving you. 

Testing out yourself

Learn what you are good at doing some mind-boggling tasks like continuous engagement with long texts, writing a full-blown essays, dealing with conflicting situations,etc. If you find yourself good at something those, you can actually try on those areas. Example: If are good at doing something like: proof reading texts, you might try working as an Editor. 

Knowing your values

When you live aligned with your value you just feel so right, most alive and excited.  Your value is like google maps. They remind you of how you want to live and who you wanted to be. Finding my value has become really helpful for me. Example: my value are getting creative , taking care of myself and those around me,etc.  Defining my values has helped me to see things more clearly. To do this what you can do is list out the things that comes under your value and select activities according to it. These activities  of course can be your chance to know what you want with life. 

My experience

This feeling of not being able to figure out what I to want is so familiar to me. One good step on knowing what I wanted to do with my life was by taking traineeships during and after my college. Also, when I was 18 ,  I worked at my maternal-uncle’s pharmaceuticals as a part-time medical assistant. These experiences gave me ideas on the things I wanted to do as well as things I did not wanted to do. Similarly, right after completion of my college, I joined to development agencies where I worked under different positions , which again gave me this idea about what I really want and what I don’t (within the organisations itself). That’s also when I learned about  my interest on writing and communications.  Overall, these experience taught me to become more disciplined and to be a more good human being in general. My biggest advice is to try new things as much as possible. Try and seek out employment in the field you are intersted in and evaluate what you like or what you do not like. If you feel you do not fit to seek for employment, try making your own little space for the things you like to do.

How do you want to feel?

At the end of the day, it is important how the things make you feel. This is important as it is your journey and your ultimate goals. You don’t want to feel miserable doing it and in contrary you should be feeling good. It is just as same as your value but try to chunk it down a bit more. 

Did you find it helpful?

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