What sort of procrastination measures does work for perfectionists?

Sometimes, even though we all know that the ultimate way to do something is by start taking action, we don’t do that. We also know that sometimes we aren’t inclined towards taking action due to procrastination.

Situations cannot be ignored, where you dread until the last-minute of any task and finally finish with all the reserved energy. Till you burn out? Also, no shame in admitting, I used to start the tasks more early just to avoid burnout. And also, avoid it getting finalized until last-minute of urgency. However, I also figured out the ways out of it. Often it has to do much with both the inner-self as well as outer circumstances. I’ve written a separate post on How to progress as a perfectionist Here.

By reading that, you’ll find out that perfectionists are often dealing with their upper limit. This is good in one perspective as it makes them a better person. However, on the other side, this belief cripples a person’s ability to stand up and root themselves to be a master of procrastination. This might be among the many reasons why perfectionists tend to stay stagnant although they upscale their journey. 

Procrastination is pretty safe for perfectionists as it will prevent them from shame, heartbreak or disappointment. Take for example, if you do not prepare for your exam from a month ahead of your exam. You only prepare for a week and you secure yourself from calling yourself a failure. Here, you can at least call yourself that if you had this whole month spent on preparation, you could do better. Often time this comes from the fixed mindset to strive for the best not for better. This is the whole other side of a different story. My point here is securing the intelligence over not trying becomes one of the traits of perfectionists.

Thinking that nothing is perfect.

One of the measures I’m going to share, is having this mindset shift that ‘Everything is in progress’ vis-à-vis –  ‘Nothing is perfect’. This might be a big mindset shift if you try. What this does is you will be able to work on progress but not that final , scary , big thing that you imagine. 

Also, if you have a certain version for you to call it perfect. That means you have set some goals , which is good. My point is it’s the little steps that count to reach somewhere and perfectionism shouldn’t cripple you to reach anywhere you want. 

Michelle Obama in her book ‘Becoming you’ talks about how perfectionism could influx many of us, especially ambitious young professionals. There, she also talks about how she learnt to let go of perfectionism.

You see, nothing is permanent and perfect. Just shifting this mindset will less paralyse your thoughts to not take action. 

Giving a certain time for you to  procrastinate. 

This might is a good technique to prime your state or whatever you can mean to get out you from procrastination. This means setting a certain time, let’s say an hour or so to actually do whatever you thought of doing while you were working. Allowing a certain time to focus on procrastination sounds ‘a guilty pleasure’ but if your situation is actually not helping, then, this might help. If you experience, this doesn’t actually become a guilty pleasure but the time you allowed for yourself to under construct your state of mind. 

Time stamps

This measure works well for me as it not only feels like I’m being tracked with time but also helps me calculate the amount of time I need to carry out a certain task. I usually use the pomodoro technique for tracking time. Otherwise, if I know the right amount of time I’d take  to finish a certain task, I use the very own handy – Google timer to set the time and run on the lane. 

Do you find the procrastination measures that you use turning out effective ?

Oftentimes, the advice presented out there is from different perspectives. You need to take on to the measures that work for you.

Also, I am a firm believer in will power. By this I man not relying on the measures itself.  

Hope this blog post is helpful!

Here is  a free guide on ‘ How to do anything when you fell unmotivated?’ to beat procastination as a perfectionist.

Talk to you soon!



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