Travel the world during quarantine

Most of all are stuck at home right now due to the global pandemic situation. It is for our best – staying home and social distancing to limit the  spread of corona virus.

We cannot go outside to explore but that doesn’t mean we cannot travel staying at our own home.

Take virtual museum tours

I know virtual tours are definitely not as same as visiting in person. However, if you are wondering how the museums all around the world looks then this might be a good way to explore. This is kind of online tour to the many popular tourist attractions. So, this can be a good way to decide for you to visit the places in the future.

Here is a month’s plan for you to visit international museums. One museum per week. Take at least 30 min with your favorite soothing music in background. Next time someone asks you what’s up for this weekend. Tell them that you are booked to visit Amsterdam. Sounds cool, right? 😉 

Week one: A trip to france – Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Week two: Let’s go Korea – National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

Week three: Norway- The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Norway

Week four: Italy – Galleria d’Arte Moderna – Milano

Google Arts & Culture’s collection has included other  hundreds and hundreds of more places where you can gain knowledge about art, history, and science. Check out here.

Watch travel movies/ videos

A fun way to relive travel memories is by watching travel videos and plan for the future trips. Movies like Into the wild, Lost in Translation,  Jingadi Namilegi Dubara (hindi) , It’s a story about two lonely Americans in Tokyo, One Strange Rock,etc are some of the examples. You can google the travel movies and re-create that travel experience. Even watching your own travel videos can be a good way to re-experience your travel journey. 

Go through travel blog

Like travel videos, blogs can also be a good medium to take you to the places you want to travel. I think travel blogs are one of the good ways to learn about the places with extra bonus of the writer’s personal experience. Also, on the reference to the travel blogs, you can create a bucket-list of the places you would like to travel in the future.

Cook international dishes

Learning to cook has become easy with the help of   thousands of free recipes off of the internet. However, cooking international dishes could be  quite tricky because we might not get accessed to the exact food ingredients or extract equipments resources. Last time I thought of making Kimchi  but due to unavailability of some resources and switched into sauerkraut .  It was fun trying a new dish made at your home. You just have to explore the recipes that is well created by the ingredients present in your pantry. 

Some of the country based options : 

  1. Thai dishes
  2. Vietnamese cuisine
  3. Nepalese dishes
  4. British dishes
  5. Spanish food
  6. South African
  7. German
  8. Srilankan recipes
  9. Balinese dishes
  10. Japanese food
Last thoughts

While the points I have mentioned above are just the virtual strolls and typical home experiences , the idea behind them is not to miss the real travel experience or get overwhelmed with the unpredictable current  situation of the world. This post’s intention is to align with the current situation and make most out of it.  We all are in the same situation and we will soon make it at some point. Also, this is not the time to feel down and beat on our inability to do normal outside things. By thinking this lockdown is for our own good, we can explore different side within us. As simple as stepping into our personal development journey can be a good catch to make most of our current time.  

Hope everything is well with you!

Talk to you soon,



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