Things that are ruining your twenties

While it’s awesome to make good of every moment when you’re young, it’s okay to have a few ‘failures’ either. That’s a part of your journey in life.

Reminding yourself that you’ve got heaps of opportunities to try again, or get better at what you are good at is a good mindset to incorporate within yourself. 

Also, your twenties is a crucial time when you learn and explore more to life. Often this is the time when we come out of your bubble towards the real life. A lot of things are going in your twenties,especially after crossing milestones like : getting done with highschool, degree, jobs, relationships,etc.

I am not here to talk about specific right or wrong thing . It totally depends upon the individual to take things in either side of being good for them or just contrary. However, due to lack of proper guidance , it could also lead somewhere different in your life. 

So, I was listening and watching to heaps of Gary Vaynerchuk last week. By the way if you do not follow him, I highly recommend you to do. In one of his Instagram videos, he was talking about trying things you love especially when you’ve got time. He was asked for a solution by one of his audience for they doubt to start anything. In which, they feel like if the thing learnt in their free time would go waste and the skills come to no use. He replied to this question saying that it doesn’t matter if the skill learned in the free time would compensate later with the career or not. Rather we would learn some skills otherwise gone by doing nothing.

Basically, this resonates so much with the perfectionist mindset too which is having an all-or-nothing mindset. Either you put your effort into something or nothing at all. 

Saying You don’t have enough time

One of the reasons your twenties are being misguided is by thinking that you don’t have time enough time. If you realize,  It’s a matter of perspective. From the other spectrum, you might realize you’ve got the world’s best time to do your stuff. Why do we never have enough time for the things we love?

Not ditching your perfectionism 

Perfectionism is a plague that is ruining all of us. In fact there is no need for perfectionism in order for you to commence your dream life or any sort of plans you want to start. The basic thing you need to understand is it’s good to be better at something rather than best at the condition – undone. By this, I mean striving for ‘the better’ leads to further progress while aiming for ‘the best’ and not moving from there cripples our growth. Well let me be clear: Let’s say if you are a runner and you aim to be number one. If your ultimate goal in life is to have that number one position and have this mindset to not run for next time. You see, there is this blockage in the growth process.  If you take your journey as a progress, you will have accomplishments in every steps. 

Not valuing the experience over being only book smart

Education is never a waste if you use it in a good form. However, having an education degree  is not enough. In fact, experience outweighs education degree in any form of career. If any job market values education degree, they are by far has become only the objective screening tools. In real , companies are seeking your thinking skills, research skills, writing skills , communication skills,etc which doesn’t just shown up in the degree itself. By this I’m not telling you to not follow the education. My point is value the importance of experience as well. This is the time you get to set trial and error with experience in the things you think you thrive the most.

Not thinking with a bigger picture

Having a big picture, meaning, you do not have to already figure out what you want to do with life and pace you life according with a big life map on your palm. Leading to other side, setting a big picture while taking portable steps in your career is important.  In order to go for something you are passionate about, think whether your interest will take you to the long run or not. However, I’m not trying to tell you to not try the things to avoid paving the road towards the big picture. Every little journey is important but looking it’s bigger picture creates good difference. It will not only identify the things you want but also the things you don’t want.

How do you find this blog post?

I know any phase of our life is important be it teens, twenties,thirties, forties or fifties. I think the things I talked above are applicable to any phase of our life. The main thing is living within the value you have created.

Hope you got some insights through this post.

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Talk to you soon!



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