Six ways I invest in myself

We have heard for a million times on how we should be investing on ourself. There are many ways on how to start investing in ourself. Also, there are different areas in our life to choose in our life to get start with investing  like: health, finance, relationships, self growth,etc. 

Investment in personal development

Personal development is one of my favorite topics to talk about and that’s why I’m concerned to write on my blog too. I feel it is a total worth of time and money to self invest in personal development. If you see, beside other areas of our life, personal development  is often overlooked because usually they don’t convey tangible results- atleast not immediately. So, without preaching on what you should do or do not do, I move ahead sharing the ways I invest for my personal development.

  • Waking up early

First thing first, I invest on myself  by walking up as early as possible. So, no financial cost involved here  but only time- that otherwise would have spent sleeping. This doesn’t mean I reap away my sleep. I consume my full 8 hours sleep despite waking up early. And yes It is possible if you want to. Usually I set my fixed time to wake up but in some other cases, I give some amount of time to complete my top lists on my morning routine. 

It has become interesting for me to wake up early since  I set up various mindful activities in my  morning routine. 

  • Listening to podcasts

Podcasts are life saviours for me as much as are my playlists during those forcefully bonded times and beyond. Also, I cannot deny that  podcasts have coached me to progress on my mediocrity and live through the tested practice, especially in the sector of personal development. And guess what, the podcasts are completely free and handy to listen  whenever you are on  commute, exercising, travelling,running,waiting in a queue,etc.  

I am a big fan of podcasts since 2015 and some of my favorite podcasts are: The Tim Ferris’s Show by Tim Ferris; The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes; The lavandaire Lifestyle Podcast  by Aileen Xu; The Perfectionism Project by Sam Brown ,The Life Coach School Podcast by Brooke Castillo and The Passive Project by Gemma Carter.

There are so many other interesting podcasts.Check out my other reccomendations here

  • Reading books

Honestly speaking, I developed a fixed reading habit when I started to imply my morning routine. Otherwise I would be a on-and-off reader who would take atleast two months to complete a book. Nowadays,  I am on a  target  to read atleast 10 pages of a book per day. 

Reading books has become another investment upon myself in terms of time and money. I nearly  have to spare half an hour of time a day and about $8 -$10 dollar a month.

Trust me this is a very good investment if you are serious about personal development. Both fiction and non-fiction books are great depending upon which sector you want to grow. I personally love reading personal development books while also reading some fictions every now and then.

Some of my favorite books for personal development are:

Towards the non-fiction side , some of my favorite  books are:

I have already listed out more than 10 books to read for this year and I am way more excited to read them.

  • Making time to exercise

I make time for exercise as a part of daily routine except in the Saturdays. These days I often workout at the evenings with some of the online fitness coaches like Choe Ting and Kayla Itsines. Their workout challenges are super intense, which is why I love. Also, some of the other fitness coaches I follow are:

So, by making time for the home exercises , I invest my time for myself. I haven’t purchased their program yet but I would definetly do if I will need when needed in the future.

  • Gym membership

I never felt more empowered and strong before joining my gym. I used to have my image as a ‘non-gym’ person but had always wanted to build my strength. So, since last year, I invested  about $165 per year for my physical strength and overall fitness. This has become one of the best investment in terms of my mental and physical health. 

  • Learning new language

So, initially I started learning french with the Youtube channels. It was super fun but I always wanted to try the one-on-one classes. Also, thinking to uplevel my french,  (plus it was being useful in application to my professional career as a development worker) , I joined a french class for which I invested around $82 per month. Later, I switched to the free resources like Duolingo and Youtube channels like Learn French with Vincent. I love this channel called Damon and Jo, it’s fun to learn with them too. 

My tip: Learning from Youtube and other free platforms is no less than a real french class.

  • Taking courses

Beside the university courses I have completed, I have taken few other courses related to blogging ,project management,leadership and many more which has been super beneficial while managing the different areas of my life including this blog. There are hundreds of free as well as paid courses in the educational platforms like: coursera, edx,etc. Check them out!

  • Time for 5-minute journal

I feel like I’m way more focused and productive after I do my 5-minute journal. I just spare few minutes(max 5 minutes) daily during my morning routine to journal and write down the things I’m grateful for. 

So, that’s all for today!

If you are thinking to learn more on including personal development in your daily routine, I written a guide you can check it out  here.

What are the ways you invest in yourself?

Talk to you soon!



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