How to use deadlines to be more productive?

Usually deadline keeps us in track and gives us that finish line which otherwise would have been vague.

For me, deadlines are a must especially  while working on time-consuming projects. 

A lack of deadline brings me a sort of blurriness in  the time duration I need to finish something. It is not only about not finishing the work in the given time. Sometimes, due to the lack of deadlines, I happen to not give ample and equal amount of time to some of the important tasks too.  To sum up,due to not having deadlines, the time duration for the each tasks doesn’t balence.

For perfectionists, deadlines roll differently. Either you finish too early (without a good finished product) to avoid the pain of disappointment or you wait until the last-minute so that you could have all those reserved energy to put into that one sit. 

Before jumping into the topic…

You see, Perfectionists love to plan. They can go into fundamentals  and can plan their entire month or year , if they wish. However, the main part that stays  tricky is while executing the plan. Have you ever felt like you’ve accomplished half of your work after you finished planning? Planning sounds good and exciting but over planning definitely doesn’t serve you with your best.  It’s the exact opposite of procrastination but is still a form of procrastination : ‘procasto-planning’.

How  does deadline work for perfectionists ?

I never view deadlines as some sort of mandatory obligation but if I have some urgent task to do, I prioritize that first. 

Mostly if the perfectionists have to show up for someone, they give their best to not disappoint the other party. They  give their hundred percent to show up for others. However, to the contrary , it might be opposite when the perfectionists need  to show up for themselves. 

So, first , deciding to show up for yourself is a number one game changer. What I do is,  I take my deadline as a faint finish line.  Although , I do think about the finish product ahead of time, like how it will look and how it will create impact and all. I take the deadline as a subtle end point.  So, what I do is to reach that point is I create multiple other deadlines. You see, a house is built with a day-to-day deadlines and it is with those multiple deadlines, creates a one whole house. Also,focusing on the result and the process itself will give you an idea to stick to your plan too. 

Undivided attention

I get divided and unfocused from my task if I keep on  focusing on the timestamp of the given deadline.  Being specific with the deadline is important for me but also focusing mainly on the time itself shrinks my progress. 

Likewise, being time specific is helpful if you want to upscale your productivity. For example, I set a one whole day to write a blog post that I have already decided in terms of topic and content. Within that whole day, I need  to plan, draft, edit and post my single blog post . Let’s say a whole day is an extra amount of time for me to write a blog post, especially because I have already been planned with content. However, let’s consider I delayed half of the day thinking that I have ample amount of time later. So, then I get into other activities that is totally out of plan. In other way, let’s say I finish my task early, I end up letting go my half of the day. You see vague deadlines do not work in the either ways. So, setting specific deadline with time that you need is much more efficient than just speculating with vagueness.  If  there is an exact deadline in the above situation, I’d probably finish my first draft by the first half of the day. I think that’s how deadline works, especially with the tasks which takes lot of work from us. However, It might vary form person to person.

I’ve written some productivity techniques that I use here ( Ways to be productive), a blog post where I had shared some of the productivity techniques that works for me  when I need to get my shit done. 

Does deadlines works for you?

Perfectionists struggle  with self-doubt while putting up the deadline. So, what they do is they self sabotage by setting an unrealistic deadline, either the longest deadline possible or least amount of time which will turn out to dis-serve to them later.

Hope you got some insights within this post.

Let me know your thoughts on keeping deadlines.

Talk to you soon!



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