How to simplify your life in a day?

Who likes a day full of hassle right? Definitely not me, if the hassle costs your full energy at its best.

You see the thing is, no matter how simple we try to make things in our favour in terms of our work and our daily priorities, the things don’t go according to our plan sometimes. Even though we hate having this situation everyday, we put ourselves into that very slump again for the next day. Either we are there helplessly thinking someone/something would rescue us or we act as a  superhuman who presents to survive from the tough day although feeling deeply uncomfortable inside. And then the same thing repeats on the loop. 

Although we feel miserable for having such a situation, we don’t  take action. Not taking action is a form of procrastination and perfectionists love to delay. It is either because they fear that they could not live up to the highest expectation they’ve created or they think the hardest ways are better.

Anyway, a  well sorted day is definitely easy and manageable for anyone. There are different things going in our life. Here are some ways you can simplify your day.

Be honest with your priorities

What are your priorities in a day? Ok, so let’s say there are obviously certain priorities like studying, workouts, finances, healthy food, work, personal development, family and friends.

We plan in the same manner to fit most of our priorities but what we end up doing is – procrastinating, spending hours on pinterest, watching Netflix and scrolling on the phone even when we are with people.

These are just examples but most of the time we stumble upon here and there not knowing our priorities. This obviously leads to mismanaged situations resulting in burnout. This applies to your work itself. Simply by not knowing the priorities in your work or sometimes by not giving importance to the high value task, things get complicated. 

Here’s  what I have to say, list out all the priorities that you think is important and list them in a priority order. Now list out the things you want to plan and again list out the things you end up doing. 

The idea is to create awareness not to beat yourself up. This is not about blaming anyone or even to yourself.  

Create a system

By system, I mean your set of rules that fit you and take you towards your goal. A system is a ladder  that sways  you in a path that otherwise would set you lost due to uncertainty. For example,if your goal is to wake up early,create a system where you wake up early and do certain activities that adds value to your life. Having an idea waking up early and having plans after you wake up, they both separately produce different results.

List inspection

We all know lists are super helpful to run your busy day. Your list helps you to direct your day according to your desired activities. I know it doesn’t sound as easy as a list directing a day. Why doesn’t a to-do list doesn’t work sometimes? Because it is well-studied and less specific. I can relate to this so much especially in the beginning of my work. 

The problem with the to-do list was that I wrote a whole bulk of work and not diving into chunks. So, when trying to take the real action, I end up not knowing where to start. It was soon when I realised that my to-do-list was not helping me to take action. 

So,let’s say you have your to-do list with an activity – Start the  report . Instead of writing that let’s break it into : write the first draft of report, edit the first draft, research some reference materials,etc. This is just an example. My point is to work on the to-do list. It should be specific and feasible enough to make you easy to execute.


Often we are being too nice by not seeking help to avoid over burdening others. Also, this independence mentality, where we rather  beat ourselves to all over the place trying to prove that we can do it all by ourselves. This is doing nothing but harm. This has happened a lot to me too. Instead of seeking help , I would overburden myself with tons of work. It was when I learned that asking for help is not a form of inadequacy in ourselves but just a ask for help in a needed situation.(Specially when the work is not our area of expertise) 

Asking for help definitely simplifies your day.

Making decision ahead

We think we are being responsible when we say – Bad decisions are a waste of time. But bad decisions aren’t a waste of time. In fact not making any decision at all is a waste of time(Specially when you have all the information you need to make). 

There are some good number of  decisions we have to make in our everyday life. Some of the obvious areas  are food shopping, clothes, movies to watch, books to buy, etc. 

Ever heard about decision fatigue? There is a thing called decision fatigue which happens due to over delivering your decision capacity and the mental capacity to make decisions slows down until you get recharged with some refreshing activities.  Decision fatigue in itself is not bad but if you let it happen from simple things in our life ,like: confusion over what to eat , what to buy, etc would affect your other important ones.  Why I’m telling you this is because, if we want to make rational decisions, why don’t we make decisions ahead of time. It will not only make our decision  valid one but can save you from making some stupid ones.

Planning but not over planning

One of the ways to simplify your life is by planning your time. We have this imaginary thing going on that once we will be in a certain  point of time, we will have time. Actually that never happens if you do not plan and prioritize it. So, it all comes down to planning at first. However, there might be chances that planning turns out to be over planning. This usually happens when we have this high expectation of something to be there. Simply plan on the need basis , this makes your life much more simpler and manageable. 

Taking something off the plate

You know, the growing need to receive the required skills, knowledge and expertise has put a lot of pressure on ourselves. I’m not telling you that having skills , knowledge and expertise that grows you is not good. My point is sometimes having a lot of things going in our life creates overwhelm , confusion and could lead to beating oneself for inaction.

Simply by taking some of the things over your plate can simplify our life to many extent. Take an example of building a morning routine.If you put heaps of activities all at once  in your morning routine, you will definitely feel motivated to do all at once.You might do for some days but it will not be sustainable.  Although you love all of those activities, you cannot enjoy all of them at once. The activities would rather become a chore for you which you will grasp a little good out of it or at least not better. 

Limit social media

This has been iterated so  many times so I’m not going to repeat how social media impacts your life.What I’m trying to point is, by limiting the social media you are not only simplifying your life by having ample time to do your other things but also, you will be able  to learn about your distribution of energy on the things that matter. Also, you will eventually learn that it is not that hard as it seems , as you develop that into a habit.

Having limited choices

Having choices at some point is a  virtue but sometimes , it’s not. Most of the time, life tangles up because we are presented with so many choices or options. Having choices is not itself a problem but it’s a problem when we become stuck in the decision.

Choices are merely distractions in our daily life when we know what we want or need. A simple example is what to wear to work.By removing the choices or by deciding the outfit the night before will simplify much in our life. Often our life gets stuck in choices that we have to make, having it  mostly so easy most of the time yet hard when it comes  to deciding. So, having clear choices definitely brings simplicity in one’s life.

What does a simplified day mean to you?

A simplified day doesn’t have to mean that you could only have to tick off one or two things and you are done for the day. However, If that’s your priority, it could be. Even if you have a bunch of things to do in your day, just by simplifying your system makes a huge difference to accomplish your tasks.

What are your ways to simplify your day? Would love to know.

That’s all for today.

Talk to you soon.

Love +Light,


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