How to save without giving up shopping ?

Let’s admit, We all know how to save. Even if we are whining about our expenses with our friend, chances are we know exactly where you need to work on. Either we are just not trying or too scared to admit that we can save. Also, as  perfectionists  this  ‘all or nothing mindset’ cripples in. Remember when you spend your money on something you didn’t plan and you let your remaining budget flow just because you spent that money. This is how perfectionists think, just because once their plan gets  disrupted, they traditionally  think of beginning  the plan all over next time.  

When it comes to saving, there are a lot of things told about giving up on things. We hear a lot about cutting up all the unnecessary craps. I think this is not the only way.

And If you are someone who likes to shop, you don’t have to give up shopping to save. You can save and still shop. 

Mindset regarding shopping

One thing I’m convinced of – is embracing mindful shopping.Have you ever bought things and regret it later? This often happens when I shop online but also, has happened  when doing the real shopping. In this regard, doing mindful shopping helps a lot where you choose the things that actually matter. You can adjust your budget by choosing quality over quantity and  things that are attached to your preference. Just by researching ahead of shopping and deciding what you want saves you from the unexpected purchase later .

I think shopping shouldn’t be a part of your emotional indulgence too. Like shopping shouldn’t be your therapy to kill the stress from the whole day of work. Most of us do that, right?  Being  bored, exhausted and betrayed , doesn’t mean shopping should be filling that gap. Getting a new thing is exciting but think about what sort of value it puts to your life.  

Shopping for personal development

I didn’t realise until I read somewhere that most of us are easily convinced over spending loads of our money over material things eg:  a dress than spending an equal amount to something that benefits our personal growth. By this I’m not saying that it’s not okay to spend on  the things I  love. I’m saying, we think more when it  comes to spending on things like courses, books,etc which value our personal growth.   While on the other hand , we let us easily spend thousands on something in a matter of time.

I really wish I had this mindset before.Now that I know, there is no excuse  to not engage within this mindset. 

Let me know your thoughts on this below.



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