How to figure out what to do with your life?

What is Ikigai?

Ikigai is a Japanese term which means “a reason for being”. ‘Iki’ means life and ‘gai’ means the realization of what your expectation and hope. In simple terms Ikigai means life to live worthwhile. Our Ikigai is different from all of us but one thing is common, it is that we want meaningful life.

Ikigai is the combination of four elements:

Passion: What you love?

Mission: What the world needs?

Vocation: What you are good at?

Profession: What you can get paid for?

When I first got introduced with this concept, I was intrigued how we could align our ‘reason for being’ with this simple concept. Ikigai conceptualize to live life purposefully aligning with the things you love, what the world needs, your skills and getting paid for something.

So, let’s dive into how you can know your life’s purpose through Ikigai concept.


This part under the Ikigai chart urges to know you what you love to do. What does your highest self gets align to? To understand this know few things about yourself.

Your energy source

Energy is a very powerful term. Your energy varies according to the different situation. Ask yourself what makes you feel alive? Where do you gain energy from? What sort of activities makes you feel alive? Understanding this denotes your inclination and declination towards certain things.

Your favorite conversation topic

We have our own preference when it comes to choosing to talk. Besides from the normal daily talks, observe what are the topics that makes you speak out loud ? Anything related to your hobby, your habit, your routine, your skills, anything. Think about what could you talk about if you were ever given a chance.

People you admire

We have millions of wonderful people surrounded all over the world. Among them, there might be a handful or at least one whom you admire. Recognize what do you admire about them? Is it their personality? Is it their mindset? Is it their style? I personally admire Oprah Winfrey for her contribution to the world.

Imagine your life is perfect

Imagine everything you need to take care of like: your worries, your concerns, your unavoidable duties, etc is sorted. Then what would you want to do in life? Would it be something you are doing now? If yes, that’s great. But if it is not, what would you be doing?


Under Ikigai, to understand your passion in alignment with your profession or the things you are good at, you need to understand :

Purpose of your being

This is a pretty tricky part. In order to know this you need to deep dive within yourself disassociating yourself from the world. If you have never thought about it, don’t worry. Just let yourself take time. Sometimes you can find it along with the things you love. Like: If you love helping people then you might find your purpose in life in alignment to helping others. Just get to know yourself deeper.

Your Achievements

We have our achievements stocked up with us during our life. This doesn’t have to be only huge achievements. Remember when did you feel proud of your professional achievements ? What are they? List out one to two examples.

Your Ideal working day(in the future)

While thinking about your ideal day in the future as a professional, how do you see it? Write it down.

Your strengths and qualities

We all are different and unique own our own. What do you think your good qualities are? What are your strengths? What do people often admire you about? Write at least two.


This section of Ikigai helps to know what your profession and the things the world need can be paid for.

Activities that you enjoy

What activities do you enjoy most? Do you often love to stay indoors and reflect on the activities accordingly? Or Do you often like to go outside and explore? Or Do you love both? What are the specific activities ? For example: hanging out wit friends, meeting professionals, going to festivals and fairs, reading books, teaching, etc.

Subjects of Interest

Whenever you go to a library, which section of library do you often go? What sort of subjects do you look for besides your work /study? This can bring out the subjects that interest you.

Your everyday inspiration

So talking about your everyday inspiration, what excites and inspires you in your daily life? Is it that music composition, that book you read, the people you meet. 


Ikigai in this part aligns with your mission and what the world needs. Like all the above section, this is pretty individualistic. Your mission might be something but analyze if it really what the world needs?

Finally, ask yourself — What does success looks like for you?

Fill up your the chart below and let me know in the comments.

What is your IKIGAI? Comment down below.

Would love to hear from you!



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