How to be the best version of yourself?

Okay, If you imagine living in a different country, would your habit patterns be different? As a way, you dress up, food habits, etc. What kind of job will you be doing? There are chances that you would be doing something different. Because we are highly influenced by the environment.
So, to shape our life differently, we need to look over the environment we are living in.
Rather than defining a certain environment as negative and positive, let’s define it by the work that the environment does to become the person we want.
First, If your environment is not benefiting you from making progress then change it.
If you cannot change the environment then change your mindset about it.
So how to change your mindset on certain things?
First, know what is bothering you. It can be anything or anyone that is hindering to level up your goal. For example, your goal is to have a healthier version of yourself. In regards to setting an environment, first, know what are things that block you to choose healthy actions like – to workout. It can be the people you hang out with that do not have a similar goal and you feel left out if you choose to talk about health. It can be your family members who diligently serve you different versions of food choices. There can be various versions of hindrances to a single situation.
If it is about the people, the bad news is that you cannot control them to act in a certain way but the good news is you can control your thoughts and feelings.
Change the environment if you can. If the situation is out of your control, then you need to shift your mindset. Like in the case of having an ‘oppositely opinionated group’, remember that if you love to change in certain versions and people start to act out in an offended way then you are good to keep yourself out of them. If they are the closest ones and do no harm in other ways, changing your mindset of not having those limited beliefs hamper you are the strongest habit you can acquire.
Remember that your thoughts create your feelings and feelings results in your action. In any situation, your choice of thoughts can create a huge difference in shifting towards your version of the life.
Thanks for reading.
Arienary 🖤

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