How to be productive while working from home?

There are a lot of people working from homefor the first time due to corona virus outbreak.

It can be challenging to always stay productive. 

Specially when working from your comfortable and cosy home, you face various unavoidable distractions/situations . 

If you have been working from home, probably you know what I mean. 

It is especially not easy when you are working on your project without someone being accountable on you. However, the situation applies to anyone who have to produce their best in a certain given time.

However , it is not tough as it may sound , if you let it be. You just need to set up our mindset to get our shit together.

Here are some few of my tried and succeeded ways:

Develop a morning routine

My morning routine  is super important for me. It sets the mood for my entire day before heading towards my working screen. In the past, I was the kind of  girl who always wanted to have a perfect morning routine but always felt overwhelmed by my to-do list that I collected to try and test. But trust me, morning routines are so simple and calming if it has right activities that aligns with you. 

First of all it needs to be genuine and true to yourself. It certainly needs to align with your values and goals. Just leave out all the rest.

So, how does a morning routine makes you productive?

Well, in my case I feel like my mind is goes on a certain routine mode when I start my day with a morning routine. Let’s say – the first thing I do after I wake up that is to make my  bed – a task been completed. It then leads me to another task. Also, having something to do before sitting in front of computer is such a calming experience and it usually sets my intention for the following work of the day.

However, I do not have any hard rules over finishing my morning routine. I usually complete all before I start my work. Even if I miss any task, either I jump to another or adjust according to the type of the task. 

Get clear on your intention for the day

Your daily intentions are quite personal. It depends on what you want to do for the day. Setting an intention for the day doesn’t require to focus only on that particular task but also your whole day in general. Plan ahead of your routine. While working from home, I like to roughly set hours for mornings, days and evenings segregated for the particular group of tasks. Like Mornings for morning routine that includes tasks like: 5-minute journal, reading a book, 5-10 mins meditation. Similarly, I like to set my day for work , lunch, breaks,etc and for the evenings I set for workouts, hangouts, recess and downtime..

Set a working environment

Setting a working environment doesn’t have to get fancy. It just means having access to the requirements to complete your work. In my opinion, the surrounding environment matters if you are doing something that need detailed focus. 

However, even if we have a tranquil environment , the energy to stay productive doesnt remain constant. Our thoughts starts to babble to check the social media or remember to do something that is not important. 

Well, this happens to me a lot. I have found a secret solution for it which will be in my next point. 

Keep yourself away from distractions

Distractions are everywhere in your home or even if you are working somewhere else other than home, there are if you realise. What are your distractions while working? Is it social media, email, constantly buzzing group chats or urges need to clean up your space ? Well, I think anything  unrelated to the work is distraction. Node your head if you agree. 

I found a remedy that works for me. That is by keeping a distraction journal by my side. The rule of keeping this journal is to jot down the distinctive thoughts along with a reason and after finishing my work I got to do all listed tasks. In my case, I mostly do not followup because it was unneccessary. 

Put on your headphones 

While working, I am into listening non-lyrical study music. I instantly feel more focused and zoned out to work mode. 

CHillpop insert

Take short breaks

Taking short breaks is super important as it will increase your ability to focus. Try remembering the time when you worked for long hour on-screen and after a certain time you stare at computer trying to refocus. It is normal for our brain to get tired after focusing on something for long hour. Also, it’s scientifically proven that our brain functions well on taking breaks.  Breaks are important for any sort of tasks, for creatives or non-creative tasks.


You might have heard heaps of benefits that exercise does to our body. 

Separating  time for exercise is a great way to stay healthy both for your mind and soul.  

Separate a recess time 

We all  know what is best for us for entertainment. Remember to take a breather every now and then, and to check in with friends , family, co-workers etc.  

Do not rely on motivation

This is last but not the least one on my list. Actually I suppose this point outweighs all the other points as I do not believe relying on motivation . It is because despite giving a certain fuel in a particular time, it usually doesn’t give a strong hold for me.  However, relying on will power comes from within and it is the best source of productivity. I believe sourcing inspiration to boost your productivity is good but it will not last unless you have a strong foundation to hold your reasoning. 

Well, that’s it for today, hope you find it helpful!

Let me know your ways to stay productive working from home in the comment section below!

Stay safe and productive!



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