How to use deadlines to be more productive?

Usually deadline keeps us in track and gives us that finish line which otherwise would have been vague.

For me, deadlines are a must especially  while working on time-consuming projects. 

A lack of deadline brings me a sort of blurriness in  the time duration I need to finish something. It is not only about not finishing the work in the given time. Sometimes, due to the lack of deadlines, I happen to not give ample and equal amount of time to some of the important tasks too.  To sum up,due to not having deadlines, the time duration for the each tasks doesn’t balence.

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What sort of procrastination measures does work for perfectionists?

Sometimes, even though we all know that the ultimate way to do something is by start taking action, we don’t do that. We also know that sometimes we aren’t inclined towards taking action due to procrastination.

Situations cannot be ignored, where you dread until the last-minute of any task and finally finish with all the reserved energy. Till you burn out? Also, no shame in admitting, I used to start the tasks more early just to avoid burnout. And also, avoid it getting finalized until last-minute of urgency. However, I also figured out the ways out of it. Often it has to do much with both the inner-self as well as outer circumstances. I’ve written a separate post on How to progress as a perfectionist Here.

By reading that, you’ll find out that perfectionists are often dealing with their upper limit. This is good in one perspective as it makes them a better person. However, on the other side, this belief cripples a person’s ability to stand up and root themselves to be a master of procrastination. This might be among the many reasons why perfectionists tend to stay stagnant although they upscale their journey. 

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Productivity techniques that changed my life

It’s a universal thing that we all love to become productive. Becoming productive means we create value and result out of doing a specific task. It is about working smarter to working harder. Whenever our productivity booms we reach one step closer towards our  goal. Imagine building a house and how each brick sets the foundation to build a whole new house. So it is through little productive tasks we reach towards the goal we want to meet. 

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How to be the best version of yourself?

Environment shapes us, makes us think the way we do. If you reflect, we pick up habits and mannerisms that we have from the people around us. Simply pick up one habit or mannerism like the way we walk, sit, gestures, music preference, clothing, work ethics, etc. We all learn from our surroundings. These are the small patterns of the large pool of our environment. So guess what it is our mind that feeds such patterns.

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