Why you never have enough time to do things you love?

This is a struggle that most perfectionists can relate with. 

Often there is a misconception that perfectionists are the people who are super organised and perfect with their plans and decisions. However, most of the perfectionists tend to have that sort of expectation with themselves so they end up not showing up to avoid disappointment. As a result they feel guilty and ashamed for not being organised.

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Take your self care journey to next level

‘Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping.’ Jordan Peterson

As perfectionists , self-care is often overlooked. Either they get overindulged or get burnt out due to over commitment.

I see the self-care topic is often talked almost all over the places.

We all know the self-care ideas like treating yourself with a gift, going for a walk, eating nutritional food,  etc. If we break down those chunks there are even more ideas.

However, I am not going to repeat those ideas that you already know.

Following are some of my tips to take your self-care journey to next level. Hope this might be interesting for you to follow through.

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A simple guide to make any decisions

Staying stagnant in indecision is waste of time and your potential. While in contrary , being decisive, uplifts  you towards your goals and intentions.

For perfectionists,  making decisions could be somethings like a challenge. It’s not like they don’t know the right decision but they would rather stay without taking action due the fear of disappointment. Also, most perfectionists do not make decision due to having fear being judged over their decision, fear of having disapproval from their loved ones (specially from someone they look up to),  etc. Sometimes with other varied reasons the indecision among the perfectionists  remains. It leads into  procrastination and remains in a vicious loop of  indecision. Learn more about perfectionism here.

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Six ways I invest in myself

We have heard for a million times on how we should be investing on ourself. There are many ways on how to start investing in ourself. Also, there are different areas in our life to choose in our life to get start with investing  like: health, finance, relationships, self growth,etc. 

Investment in personal development

Personal development is one of my favorite topics to talk about and that’s why I’m concerned to write on my blog too. I feel it is a total worth of time and money to self invest in personal development. If you see, beside other areas of our life, personal development  is often overlooked because usually they don’t convey tangible results- atleast not immediately. So, without preaching on what you should do or do not do, I move ahead sharing the ways I invest for my personal development.

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How to organise your life during quarantine?

Life during quarantine can feel messy and unproductive.

At some point you can feel like starting over on your tasks only after this whole things ends.

However, If you look on the positive side this quarantine period is a time for self discovery and self alignment to the new possibilities.

With that being said, you need to deep dive within to carve your life the way you want to. 

Being open to the reality
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How to be productive while working from home?

There are a lot of people working from homefor the first time due to corona virus outbreak.

It can be challenging to always stay productive. 

Specially when working from your comfortable and cosy home, you face various unavoidable distractions/situations . 

If you have been working from home, probably you know what I mean. 

It is especially not easy when you are working on your project without someone being accountable on you. However, the situation applies to anyone who have to produce their best in a certain given time.

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A super easy way to practice gratitude everyday

Creating a gratitude practice is a form of habit that can change your life in a positive way. 

Seriously, in the world where we’ve equipped with all of those advice and information with how to upgrade our goals, maximise our productivity, plan better, start dreaming and always look for better, gratitude is something that helps us keep grounded. 

Often gratitude is confused with being still and what you have , which in fact is not true. Practicing gratitude is not about blocking the better incoming but about appreciating what we have. Therefore, being grateful and staying stagnant is not same. 

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