Be an action taker and beat procrastination

“Nothing comes just by thinking about it.”

If we give a thought upon all the things surrounding us. They are the ideas that have been acted upon. That means things happen when we take action. Although most of us know about this, It is hard for us to take action. Every day thousands of people dump good ideas because they are afraid to act upon them.

In my case, I wanted to start my blog in 2017 but waited until 2018. When I finally did,  I held myself back to write. I did not write a single blog post for three months. Slowly, I took the action and became consistent with it. So I know exactly how it feels to not take action and also know It is not easy to get oneself to take action if there are no instant results. I took over the pain of stagnation with the pain of getting into action. So here are some of the things to consider to get yourself into action:

1.Let go of perfectionism

One thing that held me from taking action was that I always dreamt of perfection. The idea of making things perfect made me reluctant to further taking action. Also, I waited for a perfect time to write, and it never happened. Either I was too tired or too busy on the internet. The perfect time never did happen until I made it. So, the first thing I did was that I let go of perfectionism in terms of time and writing habits. I cultivated the habit of making time for what matters. 
Any of your goals like getting healthy, traveling more, etc while heading towards it, always keep in mind that you will meet with various obstacles. The best way is to cross the bridge.
So these little changes have resulted in a lot of action orientation. So, whenever you think about giving up think about the above-mentioned things. Also, cultivate the power of now. Believing that the action taken now is far greater than waiting for perfectionism.

2. Be automatic

After setting up the letting go of the perfectionist mindset, I believe in going automatic. By that, I mean just cleaning the slate and start doing. So if I want to set the daily workout habit, I set out the workout clothes. Without thinking, I pack it up to take it with at the gym. If you want to write a piece of article, pick up the pen and paper and just start using the pen. You can doodle or do whatever, eventually by forcing yourself for a certain time to sit and write, you will start seeing the result. 
Stop using your conscious thoughts when starting the task. Just go mechanical. For example, if you are avoiding to have that professional meet with someone that will grow your business, simply go to your phone, call and book that meeting. Remember not to put off your real purpose while on the purpose of the meeting.
A simple walking up early is not easy if we do not start, although we want. I used to dread waking up early during the winter. First, it’s so cold outside and you don’t feel leaving the warm bed. What I did was simply put my feet outside the bed and remove the blanket and sit. I do it without thinking more with my conscious mind. I thinking putting the cold feet on the floor defeat the dread. You can use the ‘5 second rule ‘discovered by Mell robbins in which she says to count 5 from backward like 5,4,3,2,1 and take the action. She elaborates that this way our prefrontal cortex activates and makes us focus on that particular action.
It’s simple, people who are action-oriented simply move their spirit rather waiting for the spirit to them.

3.Avoid distraction

By distraction, I mean by using phone especially social media, emails, and games. I think for me the biggest distraction was my phone, I constantly binge on Netflix or Instagram or Youtube when I get free time. And after that, I complain about not having time to do the important things. So, clearing out the distractions has been helpful to me. I simply put my phone in airplane mode when I am working, I disable my wifi and put the phone a bit away from the place I sit. Something I learned recently is keeping the distraction journal where you write down the things, ideas, plans you think when you wanna get distracted.  Well, if you want to achieve the goal you want it so bad, then start managing the distraction that hinders to achieve your goal.  Trust me, it makes such a difference. 

4.Be consistent

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson

Yes, be consistent with your action. Once you are habituated as the person who takes action, you started to see the other version of yourself. Even if you fail in the middle, you need to rise. Persistence is the key, for sure. I was the person who completely gives up on the task if I happen to skip some days. I felt like I had to start again and that rarely happened. The idea of being consistent needs to be changed.  So, in order to stop yourself from not taking the action, you need to be consistent to reach your goal.

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Arienary 🖤

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