Hi! My name is Ariena , you can call me ‘Arie’ , the creator of Arienary.
I am here to help you achieve your personal growth and live your dream life.

My goal is to help you create ‘your version of dream life’.

My Story

Life is not always sunny and filled with daisies. I can admit that as a perfectionist and an over committer. I put a lot pressure upon myself.

Struggling with perfectionism, I spent a period of time holding back for what I wanted to do in life and I was letting life happen to me instead of for me. Also, there were a lot of fear and self-doubt caught up in between.

Eventually, I thought It was the time to stop holding me back and quit letting perfectionism get into my way. I worked pretty much with my mindset to not let the fear and self-doubt cripple into me. It is not that I am immune of these emotions but I have that resistance over them.

This was not the same case back in 2015, when I first reading blogs on business, lifestyle and personal growth. It was until 2017 , I discovered I wanted to start a blog and started writing once in the blue moon.

Since, holding back my dreams wasn’t doing good, I decided to not look back ever since.

Let’s begin your journey to start your dream life!

I am…

I am an avid tea-drinker (mint green is my fav) and obsessed with personal development. Besides working on my blog, I love exploring to pinterest and pinning some cool stuffs related to insightful blogs, outfits, photography , interiors,etc. By the way I also love anything related to creativity like: designing blogs, creating beautiful designs in canva , editing photos in Adobe photoshop or on my favorite apps.

People describe me as a hard worker and a creative based on my expertise. And sometimes accuse me to have lost in my own world. Can’t help…hehe!

I graduated with a Sociology degree with flying colors but trust me it has nothing to do with what I write. During my work in the development sector for about 6-7 years in Nepal , I’ve got opportunities  to work with various professionals working in communications and capacity development for women. That is how I got inspired to start this blog thinking that this blog could direct passionate women into their dream life.

I would love to know about you too.

You can comment down below or email me after your signup below.

I’m glad we meet here.