A beginner’s guide to make personal development part of your routine

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” ―Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is personal development?

Personal development is itself a self-explanatory term meaning any activities that help to become the best version of yourself. 

I have different point of view about personal development. I believe that the concept regarding personal development is for broken people is totally untrue.  For all the people who go under personal development work (including me ) might somewhere be there but only to find the better version of oneself. I believe personal development is not about going from broken to normal but from normal to extraordinary. I believe no one have to be broken and have drastic change in life  to have interest in personal development. 

I think at least acknowledging this and understanding your thoughts over personal development is one step to start the better version of yourself if you are willing to. For example, if Oprah thinks that she still needs to learn new skills, you probably need to as well. Because life is a  learning process and nothing is better than having a growth mindset to become a better version of yourself . 

Also, personal development is not about beating yourself over the past activities for not being able to act in the present. It is not about past, I can assure you that. Self awareness is a first step whether or not to include growth in your life. The whole idea about yourself and your act change when you think personal development as bettering yourself rather fixing yourself. It’s amazing right? 

How to do personal development?

Personal development is a medium to better understand yourself, your potential, your unique personality, your talents, your strengths, and weaknesses. 

I think the most crucial step in the journey of personal development is to understand yourself because what is better than the self-awareness of knowing oneself. In order to understand yourself(Take a test) in any form, you can analyse on what you prefer and what you usually dread over. Be aware of yourself and acceptance for who you are without any judgments. Sometimes it happens that we are  living an arbitrary life that does not resonate with our true self.  

Personal development is also about  feeding your brain with positive things and new information. Personally, I love to learn new things by listening to podcasts. If you are not a podcast listener then I think you should try listening to it too. For me, it’s life-changing experience .Books are another medium to start your personal development journey. I cannot fathom out for not learning  from the books that I read since my early personal development journey. Find inspiring videos on YouTube like Muchelleb, Tedtalk, Lavandaire, can get you into the personal development journey. 

You can also attend live seminars or conferences happening around your place. Or you can join the webinars and workshops happening online.

Personally, I love to read blogs and I think is another good start for your personal development journey. You can read mine or some of the blogs like: Everygirl and Urban20something I used to read a lot of them at the start of my personal development journey. Still, great resources if you ask me to recommend.

Journal is a great way to enter the personal development world. I have created a free journal prompts here , which I find easy to write taking just few minutes to write.  Journal has helped me be self-aware and see things into whole another perspective.

How to have a personal development plan?

Personal development is a huge spectrum and it has a lot to offer. First knowing  your WHY to begin your personal development is crucial to begin your any sort of journey. Having said that you do not want to overwhelm yourself at the beginning. So, start small like listening to a 15 minutes podcast, reading 5 pages daily, exercising for at least 20 minutes,etc whatever your goal is. It could be something related to your career, work, study,health or anything of your interests.

So after that, you make a plan for personal development. Your personal development plan is a tool that opens your door to do the things you want. Some of the ideas for personal development are: 

1.Setting Goals

Setting goal includes what you want to do on your personal development. The reason you need to set goals is because  you will see your big picture. The only way to do this is to know what you want from your own life. Example: read 12 books a year, listen to a podcasts every day, etc. I usually set a certain timeline while setting a goal because I believe having vague timeline usually lead me to non-urgency to finish my goal.

2.Creating feasible plans

Planning is yet another crucial thing in terms of achieving the above goal. Make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans for your goals. For example, if your goal is to read 12 books in a year, you should set a goal of one book a month and at least 10 pages a day.  Prioritizing Important tasks 

3. Implementing supporting habits

So to implement  personal development habits in my life, I had to incorporate few supportive habits like waking up early, exercise at a certain time, get out of my comfort zone, etc. Again for example if you want to incorporate reading habit then you need to make the desired time to include that habit. It might be waking up early or trading of social media time with reading time, etc.

Other habits you may include to support your personal development are: practicing gratitude, exercise and having a proper routine (Include morning routine) so that you do not feel all over the place. 

4. Investing in yourself 

This is totally personal on how you want to invest in yourself. Some of the ways I like to invest in myself are by listening to podcasts, reading a book, joining classes of my interest, etc. I believe investing in yourself is the best thing you can do to yourself.  (This could be a whole another topic for my future blogs).

So, hope you find this helpful.

Thank you for reading!



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