3 Practical Ways to enjoy hard habits

So you are interested to start enjoying some of your hard habits?

Let me just say you upfront- you don’t want to even try to stick to any sort of habit and you are searching here to find the ways to enjoy hard habits. Then sorry this post isn’t for you.

I’m a huge believer in working things out rather than making excuses. Especially things that are in our control. And if you ask me about the ways to enjoy hard habits. Yes, it’s possible. Only if you let it be.

I’m not just saying this just for the sake of saying it. I seriously used to have questions like you. How could someone do such tedious tasks with ease? Let’s assume! They’ve got different circumstances than yours? Maybe. But you know what it first comes out from our thoughts. Yes, I cannot emphasize more on how our actions are determined by our thoughts. And it’s the single most powerful thing that could be life-changing. Just try shifting your thoughts.

Lack of motivation is not the only problem

Motivation helps but often it is not the only factor. And if you say lack of motivation is the hindrance behind your inability to do something. Then I can tell you, there is more to that. It’s not that people jump out of bed and do things because of motivation. It’s definitely not that. It is because people have learned to overcome the feeling of being unmotivated. If you keep on thinking that it is a motivation problem. It will never gonna get solved. If you rely on motivation then you will never gonna stick on the habits. And no one is going to solve it. It will remain a puzzle.

How to love hard habits, then?

 Make it attractive. Heard many times right? So the trick lies in making more accessible for the habit to perform. (In case you want to undo a habit, it’s the same. Just replace it with another habit and the same process). 

Also, there is no such hard and fast rule. It’s a matter of daily practice. You’ll see when you go from one habit into a new habit (I think erasing a habit doesn’t work but shifting it does), your brain doesn’t want to go for that shift. That’s when you need to get a little extra attention. 

I’ll give you a little twist here for perfectionists. Yeah, how can I not talk about perfectionists? In most cases with perfectionists, making habits attractive doesn’t work. So here are some of the ways to deal with…

Make it more attractive but…

Do not fiddle on the cycle of making something attractive and attainable. Ever bought beautiful planners and thought of making the most out of it. How often do we take action based on how attractive the stuff we use? I’ve found no association. At Least not sustainable. They need something that associates with them so that it perks up their action. My point is to have strong reasoning over completing the tasks for example having timestamps to complete certain tasks. 

Take the one step at a time and …

Pick only one habit at once. Often perfectionists love to overload habits and do all the things at once. Trust me it is not sustainable because it takes a lot of mental energy to focus on all areas of life. What’s more effective is focusing on one habit at once. That is the quickest way to add that habit in your daily routine. Your brain will be telling you that you should be doing all the habits at once. But trust me choosing just one does well. You might have experienced in some point of life that choosing too many habits at once is exhausting.

Try a one minute rule but…

Remove all or nothing mindset. First, by one minute rule, I mean doing a certain habit for one minute. Chances are you’re likely to continue the habit for a little longer. Also, this creates a mindset that doing a certain task for no more than one minute will do no harm. 

So, while having this one minute rule in your rule book, try not to go into all or nothing mindset. I’ve definitely struggled when having this mindset where you do something or nothing at all. Trust me this is a game-changer. You will end up focusing on what could be done rather than what you couldn’t do. 

To add more

When it comes to new habits. You can also track those habits. Many people have this habit of habit tracking. Although I really don’t have a problem with habit tracking, I think this method is good if only you have a growth mindset. However, if you are in this fixed mindset that if you break the streaks then, there is a probability that you will abandon the task.

Also, we hate appearing to be seen after getting something. So when we go for something, if we get lost somewhere, we give up. The cycle continues, we go for something and again give up. I think a way to manage this mindset is by changing the definition of consistency. Like I have this definition of consistency of doing more than more and perfect. Like for being consistent in meditation. This doesn’t mean I meditate every day but changing my standard on the consistency created a mindset that I end up doing mediation often.

I hope this post was helpful to you!

Leave a comment down below and let me know what are your ways to enjoy habits?



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