The 8 must listen podcasts for young women

Honestly speaking, I didn’t diligently listened to podcasts until 2015.Since then I am obsessed with listening to podcasts.I think listening to podcasts is a great way to invest in oneself.  If you are new to listening to podcasts , I think you should give it a try.  Most of them has  seriously changed my perspective in life.

Also, podcasts are great medium to learn new things. I started listening to  podcast from the time I practiced my french with Coffee with French. Along with that, I explored many other podcasts that were essentially a life changer for me.  I learnt heaps about personal development, productivity , entrepreneurship, digital marketing strategies and tons of other info through one-on-one delivery as well as the interviews done with successful people from all around the world.

I always believe that it’s good to make an effort to surround yourself with the people who keep you up with inspiration, motivation and the hard work to reach towards their goal. (Specially if you find it difficult to have such people around you in your everyday life)

For me , podcasts were not only the ones giving me a lot of information and knowledge during the most unproductive state of mind but also utilized my time during long commute, stucked traffic, queues and long hours of waiting.

There are many podcasts to choose to listen with so many variation in subjects.

Which one to choose

I know it can be daunting if you are a beginner to listen to podcasts. Also, reading this kind of posts might make you even more overwhelmed for not taking action. You really don’t need to be feel so.Trust me you will get used to it.

Since you are already reading up to here and you are curious to know more about the podcasts then continue reading to pick up your first podcast to listen. Choose any! And dive into the episodes that reflects the topic of your choice. Just give it a listen if you wish.

To narrow down your choices,  I’ve listed  some of the 10 podcasts which I think are a must listen ones for passionate young women:

The She Podcast by Jordan Dooley

This podcast is focused on personal development and more specifically targeting to purpose-driven women to reach their highest potential.

The Lavandaire Lifestyle by Aileen Xu

The Lavandaire lifestyle podcast is hosted by Aileen Xu. She calls herself as a  content creator and artist of life. Her podcasts have various subjects in the relm of personal growth and lifestyle design. I came to her podcast from her youtube channel.I love her  unique and subtle  way to express the subjects to her  audience which is definitely informative and useful.

The Passive Project Podcast by Gemma Bonham-Carter

I discovered her podcasts only recently but got some great entrepreneurship tips.  Her podcast is all about creating impact to the entrepreneurs by teaching her business skills.

The tim ferris podcast by Tim Ferris

I first heard about Tim Ferris from a blog in 2015 and then I was redirected to his books, his blog and then to his podcasts. Time Ferris is the author of ‘The Four hour work week’ ( and other best sellers). He is someone among the few  who I look up to to learn personal growth and entrepreneurship. His podcasts have variant topics from health ,fitness, writing, personal growth, lifestyle ,etc – interviews with top class leaders and succesful people from around the world.

I think his podcasts can be intriguing to many because the podcast’s covers diverse professionals like actor , IT expert, writer, philosopher , comedian, athletics, doctor, etc.

If you are thinking to listen to him , you will find the first 5 minutes of his podcast episode filled with advertisements. I usually skip them.

Life Coach School Podcast

This podcast hosted by Brooke Castilo  is more about  working on mindset and the topics presented in here are pretty intriguing which  took my attention since the begining.Although this podcasts is said to serve for learning, growing, and becoming certified as a Life Coach.

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Lewis is a former athlete, author and a motivational speaker. This podcast is a motivational one  to listen with all the cool guest speakers brought onto the show.

The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

The title says it all but I think there’s more than that. I find this podcast to be informative filled with light personality of Jenna.  I find this podcast helpful in helping your process to career and goals. The topics covered in the 45-50 minute podcast are varied.

The Rise Podcast By Rachel Hollis

In this podcast Rachel shares the honest stories of success and truth about goal – that is not an over night success. The podcast episodes are motivational and insightful.

Audio Bytes by The Shutter Corps

This is a podcast run by a company The Shutter Corps. I found this podcast in you tube recently and found their content quite intriguing. Some of the other videos cum podcasts are mixed both in Nepalese and english language.

Invest in  yourself

Probably listening to podcasts is the most intelligent way you can invest in yourself. I think by listening to podcasts we are being coached  by some of the world’s best life and success coaches.Plus there are tons of information with the choice of varied subjects. It’s worth giving a try.Also,  it’s completely free!

I think the good thing about listening to podcasts is you can simultaneously work on something else that doesn’t require much attention like: cleaning closet, doing laundry,etc. This is one of the many reasons that I love listening to podcasts.

Hope you find this post helpful!

Comment your favorite podcast below!

Talk to you soon.


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